Elect Jonathan Weinhagen for Mounds View School Board!

I was appointed to the Mounds View School Board in 2014 and am running for election this November. I want to earn your support.


It has been a great privilege to serve the Mounds View School District for the past year. As a board member I have worked to maintain and enhance the level of excellence that our community has come to expect from our schools. During the past year we have successfully implemented all-day kindergarten, graduated the first class of Seniors at Irondale High School who had access to Early College in the Schools all four years, made significant investments in technology as a resource to enhance student learning, and began conversations related to ensuring that every family in our district has access to a high quality Pre-K experience.


I am proud of the Mounds View Schools and our ongoing success. We have more work to do and I look forward to hearing from you and earning your support.



- Jonathan Weinhagen

Prepared and paid for by the Jonathan Weinhagen Volunteer Committee